Dear All,

My name is Elkan Spiller, I am a filmmaker from Germany, living most of the time in Amsterdam. I am very grateful to Jeanette Franzs, who organizes a fundraising event in the Balie filmzaal in Amsterdam on June 22, 2014 at 11am to support my documentary “L’Chaim!- To Life!”. It is great to see that this film touches people and that they like to support me to accomplish my task as the director and producer of “L’Chaim!” to bring this important film out to the world.

L’Chaim! will have world premiere at the FILMFEST in Munich July 01, 2014. The Filmfest is the most important film festival after Berlinale in Germany and it is a great chance to bring this film to the world. There will be 1500 journalists from all over the world. Therefore I would need a professional appearance with a webpage, posters, flyers, press kit, photos, press agent to make the contacts to the media for publicity etc. Unfortunately I still have outstanding bills to pay and no more budgets to finance the distribution and marketing of the film like the material for the festivals. That is why, like most independent filmmakers nowadays, especially with such a topic, I am dependent on private fundraising, in addition to the little money I got from the German film funds.

I would be very grateful if you would become part of the team as a financial supporter of this film. If you can recommend us any other people who are open to support such a film and who are able to make a contribution, that would be very supportive too. Please send us their email address and we will be happy to send them an official invitation. Any contribution will help to bring this film out to a worldwide audience and to raise the awareness how any war (in this case the Holocaust) still lives on in the next generations. Depending on the contribution it is possible to get a special credit in the film.

Here is a link to my shortfilm (5min) ” Mama, L’Chaim!” which is the short version of my documentary (92 min). This short film was presented at over 50 film festivals worldwide a.o. Berlinale, Rotterdam International Film Festival. The film received several prices.

YouTube: L’Chaim!- To Life!

Trailer: L’Chaim!- To Life!

Press kit: L’Chaim!- To Life!

Fundraising: L’Chaim! – To Life!

Brief van Jeanette Fransz: L’Chaim! – To Life!

If you live in the US and would like to support this film here is a link to make a tax deductible donation: L’Chaim!- To Life!


For any questions or more information you can reach me at:

Tel: 06-3446 1149 or email: elkanspiller@gmail.com


I am looking forward to meet you personally at the screening of L’Chaim! in the Balie on June 22nd at 11 am.

Thanks a lot for your support


Warm regards,





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