Konzentrationslager Stutthof Krankenbau – correspondence



Bohdan Šmahel to Drahomíra Šmahelová, Brünn
Bohdan Šmahel was transfered from KL Flossenbürg to KL Stutthof on 8 July 1942. At the time this letter was sent on 21 February 1944, he was assigned to Krankenbau ’11b’ (prisoners hospital) in the camp. Department 11b was for male prisoners suffering from tuberculosis.
Previously Bohdan Šmahel was assigned on 17 February 1943 as Blockschreiber Block III and one day later on 18 February 1943 assigned to the Waldkommando (forest workforce). The Waldkommando fell under the SS-Bauleitung der Waffen-SS und Polizei Stutthof-Danzig that had several workforces within the camp responsible to work on the barracks, grubbing forest, leveling land and other works constructing the camp.
On 20 April 1944 Bohdan Šmahel was transfered from KL Stutthof back to KL Flossenbürg.

The letter is censored with a stamped date and the initial ‘P’ from SS-Unterscharführer Arthur Platz, Poststellenleiter (Post Office manager).



Danuta Drywa
Muzeum Stutthof